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Winter Blues!

The winter can be a bummer in NJ. Usually there is not a ton of snow, which most would think is a great thing. But me, well I think if it is going to be gray and cold it should be white and bold. I love snow if its really SNOW! This slushy stuff. Nah, mother nature can keep that . We just purchased a vacation home in the Pocono Mountains. PA in a Lake Community. I am looking forward to getting back on skiis. Its been a WHILE, so lets hope I can keep up with my kids. They are beginners but I have a feeling they will be naturals. Keep an eye on this page so you can see me fall and them succeed.

I really hope this year brings some fun snow for snow angels and so I can watch the kids play and the dogs go crazy! I’m sure when it snows a lot, I’ll regret saying all of this, because I hate shoveling. Send me pix of your fun times in the snow. I’d love to live vicariously through you all.

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The Holidays Are Coming, The Holidays Are COMING!!!

img_3273Im not sure if I am excited or terrified. There is so much going on right now. As you may know I have 2 Jobs, Business Owner and Your local area favorite Realtor. I have 4 kids, two are my step babies and two are my spawn. I have 2 dogs and many more visiting throughout the holidays. Lets just say my house is a bit WILD!! So all of this chaos does not leave much time for one to CHILL! I am a bit wound up all of the time. I try to do the Yoga thing, go to a spin class if I am awake and alert enough to find it and actually give it the attention it needs…… that I am clearly lacking. To all of you working moms and Mr. Moms, you know what I mean when I say…… TIME??? Um what does that mean? There is no time left in the day for me. I try, I really do. But usually there is a munchkin of some kind tugging at me with a “mom, can I have…. MomCAN I HAVE? MOMMMMMM I WWWWWANT. ” Most of my day. So, getting back to the title of this rant…. The holidays are coming. OMG! With a vengeance. Even though my kiddos are older and want or MUST have clothes and money( easy right…? NOPE), they now want or MUST have specific very expensive items. Victorias Secret PINK is the big hit this year. UM excuse me, my lovely 14 and 10 year olds…. VS ???REALLY? I didn’t do the VS thing until college.
The boys, not much better, designer clothes, expensive sneakers ( thanks MJ) and a QUAD! Ya, a 4 wheeler….. Hey Trump, I need a loan!

So if you feel like me, tell me! Share your thoughts, rants , whoas! Whatever. Help me feel included in the most important group! The SuperMOMS! (and Dads).
Follow me on IG, and FB , post pics of you , your homes, your kids, you laying on the floor passed out , hey we’ve all been there! I look forward to the feeling of belonging. Because sometimes being around little people all day can make you feel alone, more then you think.