So here is my story! At 25 after working in Advertising for 5 years, I decide to LEAVE the corporate world in NYC and open my own business. I opened a dog grooming shop. I had always loved animals. Working in several animal shelters, vet hospitals and owning dogs all of my life, I knew animals is where my heart is. I have currently been in business for 18 years this July 19th. It’s been a rocky road but I have loved every minute. Now that my body is SCREAMING at me on a daily basis, I decided to get into Real Estate. Several years ago I became a licensed Real Estate Agent in NJ! I have always loved design and real estate flips and renovations, so I thought why not help other people find their dream home or flip. It’s A LOT more work then I realized. I am enjoying it but I hope to start flipping houses soon. So I have now decided to write a blog about how to live happily in a clean well designed home with your furry friend. 

I will show different ideas that I have seen and have done to help you co-habitate with Fido or Fifi.  Or in my case Daisy, Amy and Mr. Bean! I would love feed back and ideas that could help others!