Lonely Saturday Night

Finally a weekend I can get a lot done right? WRONG! There are basketball games, laundry, work etc…. Since I have 2 jobs and have to manage 4 kids, I run all day everyday.

So why is this titled “Lonely Saturday Night”? Well , today I had to run again to work last minute, so my daughters wonderful friend had her over so I could run. Then I had to race to her basketball game over an hour away from my business. Then she went back to her friends house for a few more hours.

My other kids are gone for the weekend and the hubs is away. All great for my sanity for a few days. BUT….. I don’t know what to do with myself now. Do you have this dilemma. Always begging for “me time” and now I get it and I’m LONELY! ha ha. Just writing this makes me realize how silly this sound.

I have so many projects I need to finish, but I’m spent. All I want to do is watch stupid tv shows and eat my chips and salsa, even though I REALLY should be working out right now. MAYBE later….

So I guess being lonely isn’t always a bad thing. To the chips…….


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