Winter Blues!

The winter can be a bummer in NJ. Usually there is not a ton of snow, which most would think is a great thing. But me, well I think if it is going to be gray and cold it should be white and bold. I love snow if its really SNOW! This slushy stuff. Nah, mother nature can keep that . We just purchased a vacation home in the Pocono Mountains. PA in a Lake Community. I am looking forward to getting back on skiis. Its been a WHILE, so lets hope I can keep up with my kids. They are beginners but I have a feeling they will be naturals. Keep an eye on this page so you can see me fall and them succeed.

I really hope this year brings some fun snow for snow angels and so I can watch the kids play and the dogs go crazy! I’m sure when it snows a lot, I’ll regret saying all of this, because I hate shoveling. Send me pix of your fun times in the snow. I’d love to live vicariously through you all.

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