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Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Hey Im a Realtor!!!

So some of you know that I am a Licensed Real Estate Professional in New Jersey . However, I recently found myself house shopping with my husband in Pennsylvania. We are looking for a retreat in the Poconos. So far we have seen over 15 homes and FINALLY have chosen one. We have a great agent who is tirelessly trying to deal with my TYPE A personality which shows when I am showing myself the homes and explaining things to my husband. Basically not letting her do her job. So, yes I am THAT client! But I am different because I am educated. HOWEVER, as mentioned earlier, I am licensed in NEW JERSEY! Things in RE are very different in different states. As I found out quickly.

So we have found a house that is near the lake and close to the lake I where I visited all of my life. So its perfect! Its been on the market 107 days. Well….. today was its lucky day. We bid on her….. AND so did another buyer! Serioulsy??? NO action for 107 days then BAM two bids in 2 hours. We will find out if we got it tomorrow night. Nothing like grinding my teeth down to nothing in anticipation!

Now I really can say I know how my clients feel. Which is why when I run a deal , I try to get answers as fast as possible . Its not fair to make people wait. Its simple, yes or no. IF we get this beauty, I will certainly be posting pictures of her by the end of November. Before and afters of course! Because those who know me know I have to have it MY WAY!

My Zen
For now all I can do is meditate with My Doggy Guru